Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Italian Café

Last week when I wrote about a beachside café concept, I was requested to make a moodboard for an Italian café - so I hesitate no further, and here it is, an Italian inspired café mood board. 
Interior Moodboard
It might be Italian-inspired, but I actually thought of New York when I created it - the Big Apple has an Italian quarter after all. I imagined a red-brick corner buliding, with huge glass windows letting the light in. With this moodboard I did not aim for a traditional look, so I made it more cosmopolitan and urban where the Italian vibe is slightly felt.
Whenever I think of Italian design, I see red. In a good way, of course. I would place a long, upholstered bench along the wall or the windows, with these red and white checked cushions on it - this pattern is so Italian, but now I decided against using it on a tablecloth. Red wooden chairs provide an exciting accent colour, but the rest of the colour scheme contains neutrals - black, white, grey with a bit of wood. I love the untraditonal black pendant by BoConcept - simple, but with a twist (notice the handle!).
The main theme of this moodboard is, however, chalkboard decor, that I feel goes very well with the Italian look. Chalkboards are widely used in cafés, and I am always amazed to see the variety of it. The funniest items here are the moustache-shaped chalkboards - they look also so Italian, yet they are very modern. Life is good.

I think I could do with a capuccino right now.

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