Sunday, September 25, 2016

Autumn Wedding - Bronze, Brown, Orange

Bronze, brown and orange are really fall colours. The bright orange used with the more neutral browns and elegant bronze create a stylish and welcoming mood.  
Autumn Wedding Moodboard

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Autumn Wedding - Striking Red

Cream can be combined with red as well. Red and white could be a usual wedding colour, but using red leaves with or instead of red roses gives an autumn feel to the decor. It goes well with the colour of succulents!
Autumn Wedding Mood Board

Friday, September 23, 2016

Autumn Wedding - Natural with Gold Accents

The wedding fever is still on! If you want to add more shine and sparkle to the previously mentioned natural colour palette, just get some gold accessories. Gold spray will do, with the help of some gold paint you can cover everything: leaves, pumpkins, acorn, pine cone... combined with green, beige and brown it will be elegant and stylish.  
Autumn Weddin Moo Board

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Autumn Wedding - Natural Colour Combination

I created a moodboard for my friend's wedding. She wants a fall colour palette, but I think it could also work with beige and creamy colours with a bit of brown. And succulents will be essential parts of the decor, so I included them. Pumpkins are availabe in white, leaves can be brown, so it still has an autumn feel, though it is not dominant. 
Wedding Mood Board

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wedding Planning Part 1.

As I mentioned earlier, a very good friend of mine is currently organizing her wedding. The party itself will be held in an old boathouse - white floors, dark wooden walls and beams. Moreover, the boathouse is located on the Danube bank. Perfect place for a rustic glamour wedding! 
After the reception in the city the whole party is going to drive over to the boathouse. By that time it will be quite dark, and because the venue itself is dominated by dark wood, I figured that the main decoration could be the light itself - tealight holders, fairy lights, lanterns, candles. 
It is fairly cheap if you rent light strings and the effect is great. We could wrap them around beams, coloumns, or hang them above the room, creating the illusion of starry night sky. In fact, anything can be wrapped in lights: pumpkins, boats, anchors, ladders, anything that has a bit interesting shape.
Wall marquee letter lights could be also used, though I think we will skip that one, so far I have not seen tasteful rentable ones in my country. It is a pity, as they are very decorative, just look at the 'Let's Dance' inscription below. 
So yes, wedding fever is definitely on. I will continue this topic on Friday!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wooden Decor

As I mentioned earlier, one of my best friends is getting married next month. As they are renting a boathouse for the occassion, we all gathered together yesterday to discuss decor for the place. I will post more about it later, but one of these decor elements can be used in your home, and comes especially handy in the autumn / winter period. Yes, this decor is the wood. It can look fantastic in minimalistic homes, as it gives a rustic touch and instant warmth to the interior. If your place is already rustic enough, make sure you add something else to make it less bare - this can be any textile, a plant or flowers, colour or another material. You can surely find something wooden for your home!
Interior Moodboard

Friday, September 16, 2016

Minimal Chic

Minimalist interior style used to be something I could not love. There was a time - at least in my country - when minimalist interiors were so bare and streamlined that they lacked anything that makes a room inviting. They were like some Spartan spaces. 
Later on I realised that minimal is not a bare interior stripped of every decor, but an elegant, big space that is decluttered and only showcases the pieces of furniture and art that matter. So minimalism had - and sometimes still has - a bad interperatation.
Key design elements:
- furniture: the number of pieces is kept to the minimum. Buy only the essentials that are actually needed for your comfort. 
- storage: it is important, keep your things out of sight. However, the things that are visible attract the eye. 
- carefully designed lighting: it has a big role in highlighting pieces.
- colours: they are toned down, with only one or two very carefully chosen accent colours 
- materials: it can be anything: concrete, wood, stone. Let them show. The surfaces are clean, free of clutter. One rug and one or two paintings on the wall will do the trick. 

In the moodboard above I chose a grey colour scheme with black and a bit of caramel. Some of the furniture has an interesting shape, they counterbalance the very simple sofa and chair. The few decorations are simple but elegant. The rug provides warmth againts the concrete walls.