Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Orange & Purple

Orange and purple? In your home? What? 
There are colour combinations that are easy to work with. The orange and purple combo is not one of them. 
So I thought this unusual combination (a combination not exactly easy on the eye) deserves an extravagant setting. I made sure that purple is the main colour, its slightly toned down shade forming striking contrast with the vibrant orange on accent furniture. I also added black - shiny black on a slim chair. I felt that furhter contrast is needed, so to counterbalance the glam, a cowhide rug and a wooden table found its way to the moodboard. 
I agree that it is not everyone's cup of tea, but I just can not think of a better styling for such a dominant colour combination. 
Interior Moodboard

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sweet November

I am not referring to that bittersweet movie, I just want to add a bit of sparkle to this freezing month. If you want to dress your home for the festive season, do not forget your bedroom! Should you have a colour scheme based on cool hues, you can always try playing with shiny materials and gold. It works well with walnut furniture seen in this moodboard. 

Interior Mood Board

Friday, November 25, 2016

Why Autumn is Good

Winter is coming. (If you are a GoT-fan, now you are smiling. If you do not even what GoT is for, then Google it. And start watching.) November is that month before Christmas that used to be cold, grey and boring. Now these days when Christmas season begins at the end of October (it should not, if you ask me), November is just another Christmas month. (Even writing it down seems so ridicoulous and wrong.) Why can not we enjoy November for what it is? The last month of Autumn, with cold rain and humidity, against which we can stay in, watch GoT, eat chocolate while watching GoT, make hot chocolate and cookie baking evening with your friends, all the while having that snug feeling that you are safe and cozy. Christmas rush is just around the corner, we need these calm moments. So let's enjoy it!

Friday, November 18, 2016

It's a Boy!

I proudly announce, that it's a boy. 
So here it is, a nursery moodboard for a little boy, with light grey and baby blue accessories counterbalanced with warmer beige hues. A hint of black gives more definition to the room and also makes it a bit Scandinavian. 
The cute little animal figurines with big heads are by H&M and I just bought for the baby. I could not resist their cuteness. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

It's a Girl!

Now that one of my best friends is expecting a baby, it is time to think about decorating a nursery. 
What basic furniture do you need?
- crib with mattress (and think about mattress protection!)
- blinds
- night light (for everyone's sake)
- super-comfy armchair, probably recliner or a rocking chair
- side table 
- changing table with storage, and also probably shelves
- trash bin
Make sure these are easy to clean!

The children's room is the fastest changing room in the household, so it is okay not to spend too much on it. Second-hand furniture (if not broken but clean and well kept) will do. Of course you want the best for the newcomer, but spend your money wisely. In two years time you will redecorate the whole room. Sometimes all you need is some decor and a new coat of paint to give old furniture new look. 
In my friend's home the walls are taupe and the floor is dark. To make it lighter and brighter, I used light greys with beige and white tones here. With soft features it is ready to welcome a little princess.
Next week we will know if the newcomer is a girl or a boy. Can't wait. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Morning Chill

It inevitably happens - the temperature drops so that in the morning all you want is to lie under your duvet five minutes more, enjoying its warmth, prolonging the moment when you have to get up, put your feet on the cold floor and face another day. These are the mornings when waking up just does not feel right. Even coffee does not feel like a good idea. 
Finally, you put your robe on, keep looking for your slippers, then go to the kitchen to make hot tea and some toast with butter and jam. Then you really have to go if you do want to be late. 
So there you are in the morning rush again, facing a new day, the morning calm moments fading into a distant memory...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Mood

November is such a transition period. It is not too cold, but the colourfulness of the season is long gone. It is all about bare trees, brown leaves scattered on the grass, grey clouds and rain. The nature is ready for blankets of snow. 
This month inspired to make this rustic and scandinavian moodboard. Icy blues counterbalanced by creamy colours, a bit of black and lots of natural wood bring back the colours outside. 
This is the time when you are more willing to stay in, watching movies and drinking hot cocoa excessively. It is not festive season yet, so it is one way to survive this gloomy month. If you have other ideas, do share them with me. :)
Interior Mood Board