Friday, August 5, 2016

Modern Beach House Interior

Who said that a beach house interior must have some blue colour? Blue is supposed to be there when you look out of the window, so I went for a white look here, with some black accents. 
Interior mood board
The inspiration for this moodboard came from the movie 'Dear John'. I haven't seen the film, just the trailer, and there's a scene when Channing Tatum is surfing. (I know what you think, but no, he is not my type at all.) This is how the surfboard became the main motif for this collage.
This set is designed for a young and hip man living an active life, someone dedicated to exciting sports like SUP or surfing. As he spends most of his time outdoors, interior is of secondary importance. It does not mean he wants to neglect it, it is just he goes for an easy solution. Combining black and white is exactly that, but with a bit of wood and some plants the look is not boring. Raw materials make the look a bit rustic - it is a beach cottage after all. 

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