Sunday, July 31, 2016

Global Inspiration - Malta

I begin another series: mood board inspired by different countries' interiors. Let's see Malta first. 
Well, I don't know about Malta interior design, but I quite admire its architecture. Yes, I know. Other people, like my best friend, travel there for honeymoon, for sand and beach, and yet the only thing that captured me about the island is the architecture.... By the way, have you seen those old photos of Edwardian buildings in Tower Road, Sliema? I am so sorry that many of them were destroyed in favour of modern high-rise apartments.
Interior Moodboard
Yet, this moodboard is for younger generations. Inspired by beach, sand, sea, it is a mixture of old and new, using some funny items as well some rustic ones. 
I can imagine this home for a young girl in her twenties, who has some creative free-lance job, drives a moped and wanders about the streets of Malta a lot. She is outgoing and loves nature just as well she enjoys big parties, yet she lives alone - and does not mind it. She is determined and is not willing to compromise on what matters to her. 
So this was an interior from Malta. Next month I will take you somewhere else. 

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