Friday, September 30, 2016

Autumn Wedding - Orange and Red

The last autum wedding colour combination: red and orange. In fact, it was the first one I made. Somehow this looks the most rustic and most autumn-like. Three weeks to go, and we have lots to do!
Wedding Mood Board

Thursday, September 29, 2016

National Coffee Day and the Popcorn Latte

It is National Coffee Day today, which means... a moodboard with coffee related gadgets and accessories. I think the chalkboard theme especially suits cafés and therefore kitchens, too. If I ever grow up and own my own kitchen, I will have a coffee bar at home. Until it happens, I just collect inspirational photos of coffee nooks and cabinets. Really. 
As a child I have always loved the smell of coffee. I do not remember if I ever tasted it - probably yes, out of curiosity, and of course it was awful. It took me many years, until about eight years ago, when Monika my collegaue got me into the habit of drinking coffee with her. Later on buttered croissants joined the ritual, and today I am a huge fan of Arabica. Coffee time is 30 minutes of calm, when I recharge my batteries. If at home, I often read a book while having a latte, or do something I enjoy - browsing on Pinterest or working on this blog. But yesterday, for instance, I grabbed a takeaway POPCORN latte in my favourite café (check this link - it was accompined by real popcorn, too), and enjoyed a walk in the city - it was just so lovely: warm sunny afternoon, yellowing leaves, watching the autumn colours of the city. And popcorn latte was the weirdest thing I ever tasted. 
I am really interested: what is coffee time for you?
Coffee Moodboard

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Autumn Wedding - Orange, Red, White

To lighten up and cheer up the sometimes moody autumn decor, just add white. White provides elegance and it is also bridal, so perfect for the occassion. 
Wedding Moodboard

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Autumn Wedding - Bronze, Brown, Orange

Bronze, brown and orange are really fall colours. The bright orange used with the more neutral browns and elegant bronze create a stylish and welcoming mood.  
Autumn Wedding Moodboard

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Autumn Wedding - Striking Red

Cream can be combined with red as well. Red and white could be a usual wedding colour, but using red leaves with or instead of red roses gives an autumn feel to the decor. It goes well with the colour of succulents!
Autumn Wedding Mood Board

Friday, September 23, 2016

Autumn Wedding - Natural with Gold Accents

The wedding fever is still on! If you want to add more shine and sparkle to the previously mentioned natural colour palette, just get some gold accessories. Gold spray will do, with the help of some gold paint you can cover everything: leaves, pumpkins, acorn, pine cone... combined with green, beige and brown it will be elegant and stylish.  
Autumn Weddin Moo Board

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Autumn Wedding - Natural Colour Combination

I created a moodboard for my friend's wedding. She wants a fall colour palette, but I think it could also work with beige and creamy colours with a bit of brown. And succulents will be essential parts of the decor, so I included them. Pumpkins are availabe in white, leaves can be brown, so it still has an autumn feel, though it is not dominant. 
Wedding Mood Board

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wedding Planning Part 1.

As I mentioned earlier, a very good friend of mine is currently organizing her wedding. The party itself will be held in an old boathouse - white floors, dark wooden walls and beams. Moreover, the boathouse is located on the Danube bank. Perfect place for a rustic glamour wedding! 
After the reception in the city the whole party is going to drive over to the boathouse. By that time it will be quite dark, and because the venue itself is dominated by dark wood, I figured that the main decoration could be the light itself - tealight holders, fairy lights, lanterns, candles. 
It is fairly cheap if you rent light strings and the effect is great. We could wrap them around beams, coloumns, or hang them above the room, creating the illusion of starry night sky. In fact, anything can be wrapped in lights: pumpkins, boats, anchors, ladders, anything that has a bit interesting shape.
Wall marquee letter lights could be also used, though I think we will skip that one, so far I have not seen tasteful rentable ones in my country. It is a pity, as they are very decorative, just look at the 'Let's Dance' inscription below. 
So yes, wedding fever is definitely on. I will continue this topic on Friday!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wooden Decor

As I mentioned earlier, one of my best friends is getting married next month. As they are renting a boathouse for the occassion, we all gathered together yesterday to discuss decor for the place. I will post more about it later, but one of these decor elements can be used in your home, and comes especially handy in the autumn / winter period. Yes, this decor is the wood. It can look fantastic in minimalistic homes, as it gives a rustic touch and instant warmth to the interior. If your place is already rustic enough, make sure you add something else to make it less bare - this can be any textile, a plant or flowers, colour or another material. You can surely find something wooden for your home!
Interior Moodboard

Friday, September 16, 2016

Minimal Chic

Minimalist interior style used to be something I could not love. There was a time - at least in my country - when minimalist interiors were so bare and streamlined that they lacked anything that makes a room inviting. They were like some Spartan spaces. 
Later on I realised that minimal is not a bare interior stripped of every decor, but an elegant, big space that is decluttered and only showcases the pieces of furniture and art that matter. So minimalism had - and sometimes still has - a bad interperatation.
Key design elements:
- furniture: the number of pieces is kept to the minimum. Buy only the essentials that are actually needed for your comfort. 
- storage: it is important, keep your things out of sight. However, the things that are visible attract the eye. 
- carefully designed lighting: it has a big role in highlighting pieces.
- colours: they are toned down, with only one or two very carefully chosen accent colours 
- materials: it can be anything: concrete, wood, stone. Let them show. The surfaces are clean, free of clutter. One rug and one or two paintings on the wall will do the trick. 

In the moodboard above I chose a grey colour scheme with black and a bit of caramel. Some of the furniture has an interesting shape, they counterbalance the very simple sofa and chair. The few decorations are simple but elegant. The rug provides warmth againts the concrete walls. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mid-Century Autumn

Mid-Century Modern has definitely an autumn feel. The kind of autumn that is dry, sunny, and abounds in warm colours. This is the mood I wanted to capture in this moodboard, and some mid-century pieces came handy: the wallpaper already sets the mood, and the leaves with sticky backings can be attached to wall to form various combinations. With lots of brown tones this interior is welcoming and calm. 
Interior Mood Board

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Colour Combination: Emerald & Ruby

Today I am particularly lazy, so all you get is this autumn-inspired colour combination moodboard. 
Interior Moodboard

Friday, September 9, 2016

Wedding Invitation!

Yess, I got a wedding invitation yesterday. One of my best friends is getting married! I have no idea what present I will buy, but I will surely come up with something. It is a moment when I regret that in my country the wedding registry service is not really available. At least I have not heard about it from anyone I know. 
A wedding is a perfect occassion to buy monogrammed things, let it be mugs, bath towels or robes, etc. A monogram gives the sense of ownership over something, it is a great idea to personalize practically anything. As there are so many decorative fonts, monogrammes and inscriptions or quotes can breathe new life into any plain surface. 
Altough in my friend's case the proposal happened in another way (they went to play badminton), I had quite an idea for a proposal... The fiancé could ask his girlfirend to go shopping for household appliances, and the insider sale staff would be waiting for them with already arranged monogrammed mugs forming 'Marry Me' on the shelf...
I am a hopeless romantic, really. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Farmers' Market

Let's enjoy the beginning of the new season with shopping at the local farmers's market. What would you buy? :)

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Street Food Bistro

Street food is back in its full glory. At least in Budapest, where I live. The former Jewish district, where once it was not too safe to walk even in broad daylight, has been now transformed into a party quarter. It is thronged with people anytime you come here. Seeing the the new life of this part of the city is very exciting. I remember how empty it was earlier, and now, espacially in the summer, I can see the tourists with maps, looking for the lastest gastropub, English guys on their way to a bachelor party (it is always fun to see guys dressed in white lace dress, sporting a blonde wig). 
This phenomenon brought in the revival of sreet food bistros. Once hamburger meant cheap and low quality junk food - now it is a loved and sought after dish at pubs, made of high quality ingredients. 
Interior Mood Board
Commercial and restaurant design also saw a new wave of style. Most of the new pubs and clubs have a worn, mixmatched, industrial vibe now. 
This vibe has inspired me to make this moodboard. The athmosphere I envisage is clearly insdustrial, the colours are mainly black and white with a bit of sun yellow. The interior is dominated by whitewashed (or black!) brick walls or coloumns, a huge wall decorated with letters (similar you can see on the placemat), and for fun the serving tubes could be in porcelain - indicating it is not some cheap food you can eat here. Just check the one in the left upper corner - it is porcelain, even though it is imitating the paper takeaway food containers. The serving stand for fries and ketchup is also a lovely item. For warmth I would suggest yellow shaded lamps, maybe (seat) cushions in sun yellow, and I added an arrow marquee light, too, they are so fun. 
The overall look is sophisticated, but not posh, simple, but with exciting details. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Ice Cream Social Party

It is still not too late! The weather is mild enough, so let's organize an ice cream party! Just imagine an ice cream bar where you can make your own favourite ice cream, choosing toppings, dressings, fruits and cones. Of course all the ingredients are organic, and as healthy as possible. This is not for children, but who says adults can not love ice cream parties?
Interior Mood board
This time I went for a more mature look. The design is revolving around stars, stripes and checked materials, all in colours red, cream and blue, with black as perfect foundation hue. 
My favourite is the rug, the pattern of which can be often seen on ice cream cones. I am not sure where I would place it, but it goes so well with the overall design.