Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Go green 1 - Feminine New York Loft

So we have a classic shaped sofa in dark green. In forest green, actually, but I thought it is dark and a bit sad, so this is how the idea came to use bright pinky colours paired with light, vivid lush greens. They definitely brighten up the sofa, but to avoid the mess I toned them down with neutrals - this way I also enhanced the two lead colours. 
Interior Moodboard
Please, note how the candleholder and the green lamp have similar features; also the green cushion and the green lamp (by Ciara O'Neill) have motifs on them. These are small things, but can tie the room together.
The armchair by Rémi Bouhaniche was inspired by the origami, and it seems super comfy. Depending on the colour it can look sophisticated or fun.
All these colorful, modern pieces could fit well into in a loft, with industrial features and brick walls, creating interesting contrast. The hues make it very feminine, too - gone is the dark sofa, this interior now oozes happiness!

In my next post on Friday I will show you another styling, one that is probably closer to what the Danish company envisaged for this colour. Can you guess this style? 

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