Sunday, August 21, 2016

The green sofa project - 1 sofa - 3 styles

I am a huge fan of blue. (Odd way to start a blogpost about green. Let's start it again.)
Green, especially this forest green is not exactly my favourite colour. (Then why are you writing about it, you idiot? Delete.)
Green is definitely in. (You have already told about it in two posts in June - one about the new H&M Home collection and the other about an attic interior. Come up with something more original. And not so negative, please. Thank you.)

Experience taught me that the new trend colour, green is not exactly easy to match other colours with. (Not bad. Go on.) Naturally, the least difficult way is to use this colour on accessories, but why could not you use it on bigger surface? Like, on a sofa? (Maybe, because it is so striking?) 
Yes, this forest green is striking, it demands attention as it is just a big splash of colour. So, what can you do with it? 
Next week I will show you three ways to accessorize this green monster. (That is, for the record, the Cenova sofa by BoConcept, in forest green Napoli fabric.)
One sofa and one colour - three styles and three colour combinations. The Green Sofa Project. 
Stay tuned. 

Check the style here:

Interior Moodboard

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