Friday, August 26, 2016

Go green 2 - Scandinavian

Yes, your guess was right, it is the Scandinavian style! I thought that after the last moodboard's vivid colours it is time to show something completely different. 
Interior Moodboard
Scandinavians love using white - lots of ligh-reflecting white - in their homes. It means white walls (if you want to add texture, whitewash your brick wall) and white floors (or very light oak or maple). With a background like this you can still go for colours, but this time I decided against it, making the forest green the only colour here. 
I made sure that the furniture and accessories here are mostly from Nordic countires. The armchair in black leather is from BoConcept, just like the sofa. These universal pieces can find their way into most urban homes. The chair is especially my favourite, in spite of its thin shells, it is surprisingly comfortable, it supports my back very well. 
The tables are from the Tablo series by Norman Copenhagen - they come in various sizes and colours, and are utterly Scandinavian. It is said assembling them is easy, and no screws are recquired. 
The flower patterned cushions are by the Finnish brand Marimekko, the design itself comes from 1964, so if you thought it has some retro vibe, now you can be sure. The vase is the work of Alvar Aalto, another famous designer from Finland. 
The pendant lamps are by Louis Poulsen - if you remember, in my post about Arne Jacobsen I mentioned this Danish lighting manufacturer. Both pendants were designed by Poul Henningsen, whom I am sure I will write about in the future. The floor lamp you can also remember from the very same post. 
The overall look is Scandinavian, and just a bit feminine, because of the cushions - should you change them, you can have a more masculine interior. 

I think I collected many big Scandinavian designers here. In the next moodboard I will have to come up with a new look. Keep an eye on this blog. 

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