Sunday, August 14, 2016

Global Inspiration - Great Britain

Subject: The Case of Baker Street 65. 

Dear Miss Holmes,

I have purchased a house on Baker Street and have recently been advised that you might be willing to provide me expert help on its furnishing and decorating. 
The property in question is a nice Victorian terraced house, built in red brick, with fine features, narrow stairs, colourful tiles and window bays. I am afraid it is in desperate need of restoration. As a single woman in my twenties, it is my first home and I want it to be beautiful. My wish is a feminine, cozy, but at the same time modern interior, where I can recharge my batteries after an exhausting day. I am in desperate need of a reading nook, where I can drink my tea and immense myself in a good book. There are no pets to keep me company, but I hope it will change soon. 
I would not have troubled you with my letter if I were not concerned about the outcome of the renovation. I rely heavily on your help to solve this case. 

Your sincerely, 

Troubled Homemaker
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