Friday, August 19, 2016

Roof terrace for stargazing

He was a free spirit. 
At nights he took his motorbike out of the garage, and through the empty, dimly lit streets, his bike took him out of town, where the stars shone brighter, the grass was tall and wild, and he was laying on the ground for hours, gazing happily up the starry sky. 
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A long time passed this way, and he thought this was how things were supposed to be.
Then came the moment when he finally found the one, the one he thought he would never meet; but settling down came with a price. She lived far in a big, noisy city where the street lights outshone the stars, the grass in the park was well-kept and cut short. She led a totally different life that included last minute meetings, presentations, rush hours and Starbucks takeaway lattes.  
The choice had to be made.
He gave up his motorbike, bid farewell to the sleepy town and moved in with her. The first months were spent with decorating the new home, the top floor apartment in an older red brick building - the love nest as she called it. 
Naturally she adored every moment of the renovation. He - well, he did not. What is so enjoyable in selecting cushions, discussing durable materials and harassing the carpenter with a new storage bench? And, by the way, he still could not make up his mind between green and brown. These natural colours reminded him of the tall grass outside of his birth town. After a mild row she bought furniture in both colours. He did not say a word. There was only one thing he insisted on: the Route 66 wall marquee. When she saw it, she just rolled her eyes with an indulgent smile. He did not notice, as he was too busy with hanging the string of light bulbs above the table. 
Over the coming months he gradually settled in, found a job and new friends. The rooftop terrace was the center of laugh and fun when their friends came over for late night dinner. It was good. 
But sometimes, in the middle of the night, when he could not sleep, he climbed out of the bed quietly and went upstairs, to the rooftop terrace. 
There stood her gift - the telescope.
He could look at the stars anytime now, whenever he wanted, closer than ever. So he was laying on the bench for hours, gazing happily up to the starry sky. 

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