Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Shabby Chic Kitchen

Today let's see a shabby chic kitchen moodboard! Here it is:
Interior MoodboardSurprisingly enough shabby chic is a new style - the term first popped up in the 1980s and the look spread accross the United States like wildfire in the 1990s. 
This mood board has all the elements of shabby chic: distressed and whitewashed wood on the bench, some vintage items from different eras, a bit of pastel lighting up all the ecrus and whites, metal on the delicate ornate lamp, and a mixture of older and newer pieces. Shabby chic loves non-shiny materials like cotton and linen, but you can add a bit of lace, too. If you collect antiques, shabby chic welcomes them all. If you are into recycling, this style also may be perfect for you. 
The look is feminine and rustic, perfect if you are a romantic person. It suits countryside cottages, but can find its way to old town buildings - like Victorian, if you are lucky enough to possess one.  
There is only one question left to the end: how do men put up with the utterly feminine shabby chic style?

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