Wednesday, July 13, 2016

greek style terrace

Summer is in full swing and you have a terrace. Let's suppose you have white walls, stone floor and hopefully gorgeous blue sea for backdrop (blue sky can do). How do you make it look like as if it was straight from Greece?
interior Moodboard
The answer is surprisingly easy. It does not matter if you have a modern building or a rustic one, this style can match both. You can not do wrong with neutral furniture: this one is the minimalistic Adelaide outdoor collection by BoConcept. (If you pick rustic furniture, white and brown are safe colours for that style, too.)
For instant Greekness you can do basically two things. Just think of the Mamma Mia! movie poster with Donna and Sophie standing in the arched doorway - it has all the features that makes the Greek mood (warning: actors of the movie do not make Greek mood and are considered pretty much unavailable). 
So the two key elements are:
1) Deep sky blue accent colours. In this mood board, it can be found only on the cushions, but you can paint your door blue, acquire blue chairs or stools. Even blue flower pots will do. Just remember the exact blue colour. 
2) One word: Bougainvillea. It is that creeper plant with that signiture vibrant colour that grows ideal in the Greek Islands. (It originates from South America anyway.) It does not like cold weather, but can be kept inside in the winter periods. 
If you want to add lanters, flower pots, cushions, it is up to you: with white walls, blue accents and deep pink flowers the mood is already set.

Grab a bottle of Mavrodaphne, and enjoy summer!


  1. I love the colours and pattern on the cushion! :)

    1. It is a very nice feather pattern, perfect for outdoors :)