Friday, July 8, 2016

Uptown Rooftop Terrace

Come with me
And we shall run accross the sky
And illuminate the night

Oh I will try and guide you
To better times and brighter days
Don't be afraid...

Come up the ladder to the roof
Where we can see heaven much better
Come up the ladder to the roof
Where we can be closer to heaven...

- The Supremes sung this song long before I was born. 
It is summer in the Northern Hempisphere, so let's move up, but I doubt that ladders are leading to a rooftop terrace like this.
Interior Moodboard
This elegant set is dominated by the classic combination of black and white. Adding concrete and rich dark wood it gets a contemporary swift, while green provides a natural touch. The cubic forms reflect the surrounding skycrapers. Perfect place to chill out on a Friday evening with your friends. 

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