Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July the 4th!

Happy Independence Day to my American readers! 
Interior Moodboard
- Hello, Darling, I just thought I call you before the party starts. How are you doing?
- Hello, Sweetheart, thank you for asking, I have just finished decorating the family room and the terrace, while Hubby is outside preparing the dishes. Since we bought a cute retro pop-up hot dog toaster, he wants to eat hot dog all the time.
- I am sure your place looks fantastic, you are the master of decorating. How does it look like this year?
- Naturally I kept the stars and stripes theme, with star ornaments, the usual colours, but this year I went for a retro touch. Actually the toaster gave me the idea. Hubby found an extaordinary wall shelf, that looks like the front of a retro Chevrolet Corvette. It is temporarily mounted on the wall in the back porch, it is such an eye grabber. I will put the dishes on it. To keep up with the vintage style, drinks will be served in bottles with striped straws.
- Cool idea. Have you decorated the garden as well?
- Yes, the lanterns are hanging from the trees. I also found a smaller striped one with stars, they will be on the porch, I am just about to place them, so I have to hang up for now. I hope you will have a great night!
- Thanks. Happy Independence Day to you!

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