Friday, July 1, 2016

French Style

Très fabu... très chic... The French know how to live in style. Why don't we follow their advice?
Today's inspiration came from French chateaus, but I added modern elements to it. 
Interior Mood Board
The mixture of old and new always creates an exciting vibe. Eclectic style generally works if the colour scheme is muted, so here I used only grey colours and white. This ensures that the old chest of drawers lives in harmony with the streamlined sofa, the modern accessories do not divert your attention from the beautiful antiq frame. In my home I am not a fan of grey, but this colour has the ability to look good in almost every environment, and as we all know it has many shades. Some greys are a bit blueish, others are greenish, some can be purple-ish, so you can use it widely. Grey also highlights other colours, so it is a perfect neutral.
The chandelier is one of my favourites, perfectly combines tradition with modern technique. It is a twist that the interior needs to look chic. Use noble materials - marble, stone - that look fantastic in their simplicity. 
As French style is eternally appealing, this is not the last moodboard in this spirit.
See you in Paris soon...

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