Friday, July 29, 2016

Eclectic Bathroom

Victorian houses and English townhouses always fascinate me. There are so many opportunitues to design something exciting, using the original features - it does not matter if you want to incorporate them into a more modern interior, or restore them to their full glory. For some reason I had the image of a townhouse like this on my mind when I created this collage. 
Interior Mood Board
I have not written about bathrooms yet, so here it is, the first bathroom mood board. I was inspired by the photo on the left - the whiteness of the tiles, the dramatic brick wall further enhanced by the powerful blackness of the heater. You normally would not chose brick to the bathroom - I only advise it if your bathroom is big enough and the brick does not get wet.
The strenghten the eclectic feeling I added a freestanding bath with clawfeet, and some modern and funny accessories. Enjoy!

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