Friday, October 28, 2016

The Ultimate Autumn PicnicGuide

It is still not too late! (But almost.) You can still organize a fantastic picnic outdoors that you can take cool photos of. Autumn is a beautiful and colourful season even without filters, so call your friends, this weekend might be your last opportunity. 
Autumn Moodboard
What you need:
- tartan plaids (no, other patterns are NOT okay)
- an extra blanket to wrap yourself in just in case it gets cold (make sure it is colour co-ordinated)
- picnic basket (you have the freedom of choice on this one, but make it a wicker basket, please)
- thermoses (red and dark blue are allowed colours. Tartan pattern is always a bonus)
- emamel mugs that look like tin mugs (it provides you the credibility of a camper, even if you got as far as your back garden)
- small jars with lid, because they are so cool (tip: you can store food or cutlery in them)
- cutting boards - if you are extra stylish, get one with the look of sliced wood (should you buy them in a shop, they are adequately treated with finish. Should you slice up a log on your own, you might end up with an arista in your tongue)
- napkins and flatware. In fact, you can bundle silverware in cloth napkins
- bin bag for trash and leftovers (as you do not want to throw anything away)
- tweezers (for the aristas in your tongue. I told you to try the shop.)

Autumn food ideas:
- sandwiches (so obvious, really)
- cheese
- apples or pears
- pies - you can try small ones, they are easier to carry
- salad in jar
- extra tip: place soft items on top!

Autumn drinks:
- cider (you can wrap bottles in blankets)
- hot cocoa
- hot tea
- maybe some wine
- extra tip: label up jars and bottles (it looks good and you might forget what you actually brought)

Beware of:
- bears and other dangerous wild animals (if you got out of the city)
- scary neighbours (if you got as far as your back garden)
- being too noisy (because you will wake up bears, other dangerous wild animals and scary neighbours)
- drinking too much alcohol (you do not want to get drunk, get lost in the wood, and wake up bears, others dangerous wild animals and scary neighbours... wait a sec... what are the scary neighbours doing in the woods??)

- respect nature
- play games with friends
- enjoy a day out in crisp air
- collect beautiful leaves

Do not:
- bring the charger for your phone (I mean, really)
- bring extra leaves, pumpkins, mushrooms to take cool Instagram photo
- hang on to your phone all the time
- take selfies with bears, other dangerous animals and scary neighbours
- take this post too seriously :)

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