Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Party Decor

It is Halloween again, and if it is Halloween, it is party time! If you like Victorian style and wearing black, this is your season. You don't have to own a crumbling maison, with a bit of work and some accessories you can turn your home into a place that Count Dracula would be envious of. 

Method no. 1.:
- close all your shutters and stop cleaning in mid-March. Period. 
Method no. 2.: 
- try those party supplies that are available in the shops. It is also easy to create some of them if you are a DIY enthusiast.

If you chose method no. 2., here is a guide for you:

Halloween decor design elements:
- pumpkins - either in lantern form or as painted/decorated version
- repelling animals like bats, spiders, insects
- fantastic creatures: vampires, Dracula, ghosts, zombies, witches and their accessories (black cat, hat, broom, magic ball)
- dead branches (preferably black, you can hang things on them) or flowers (I skipped them in this moodboard) and anything related to dead things: skeletons, skulls, bones, coffins, zombie bodyparts, tombes
- cobwebs with or without spiders 
- candleholders, candles and lights
- moon and stars to provide background against the shadow of bats/witches
- you can add garlands, lanterns, 'dark' animals like rats, owls or crows

- velvety black
- ghostly white
- pumpkin yellow
- shadowy grey
- magical green or purple 
- gold or silver if you are extra posh

I chose a composition based on bats, pumpkins and cobwebs, creating a somewhat spooky but elegant decor set, but next year I could center the decor around something else. Using all possible elements is not really my cup of tea, I would direct the decoration towards a certain theme, this way you can keep an elegant vibe (if it is your intention). 
This year I was inspired by nature, hence came the pumpkin - branches - bats and cobwebs combo. I picked the Philippe Starck Ghost chairs - the orange colour and the name comes handy, the chair itself is elegant. Using pumpkins in painted version is also a stylish feature, and you can do it at home. 
Halloween Interior Mood Board
Now... Trick or Treat?

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