Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Global Inspiration: Denmark

Somewhere I read that if you are lucky enough to get an invitation into a Danish home, you will find that it has been most likely designed by a famous interior decorator. And if you visit the home of another Dane, you will find that they also hired the same designer. And if you visit further Danish homes, you will find that there is only one interior decorator working in the whole country.
Well, it might be a bit cruel joke, but it shows that Danish interior design has its distinctive fingerprint and compatriots of H. C. Andersen have good sense for decorating. 
Danish design has gained fame in the 1950s (see my post about Arne Jacobsen, one of the most famous designers in the world), and Scandinavian design, let it be the cheaper or more exclusive part, is a style sought after anywhere in the world. 
Interior Moodboard
I have always thought that a typical Danish interior is more urban, more streamlined and less rustic than a Swedish one. However, many houses have low ceilings, that I find overwhelmingly depressing, especially when they do not get a white coat but show their natural wooden colour. 

The key design elements are:
- white walls to make the interior light and airy
- light oak or even white floor
- some small black accents are welcome
- oak is the most popular type of wood: check out this wonderful coffee table (also comes in side table version) - so typically Nordic
- colourwise black, white and shades of grey are used, sometimes with a pastel accent or a bright colour
- mixing vintage items with modern ones is common (by vintage I also mean an iconic piece from the 1950s)
- there are so many famous Danish designers and brands, an authentic Danish home is not complete without their work
- there has to be at least one chair by Charles Eames. I am sorry, you can not skip this one. 
- designer lamps! Make sure you get one, there are so many to chose from. Most of these lamps have a retro touch, which seems to be a feature of Danish homes.
- remember, less is more. (Mies van der Rohe said this. Maybe he was also Danish by heart.)

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