Friday, October 21, 2016

Feminine Home Office

Don't let the photo of Carrie mislead you. This moodboard does not have much to do with her, but I liked the colours, and I was inspired that scene I remembered, when the camera shows Carrie from the outside, sitting at her desk, as if the TV-watchers were peeking into her room from the street. 
Interior Moodboard
I was thinking about a mature, delicate and feminine home office. A classic but light environment for someone who has settled down and knows what she wants. The colours used are creamy and soft, baby blue mixed with rich dark wood and dark beige. The furniture design is kept simple, because the wallpaper has a vivid flowery pattern. 
The overall effect is calm and soothing for a woman who wants to escape a bustling city life. 
I am sorry, Carrie, this is not the room for you. 

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