Friday, June 24, 2016

Scandinavian Styled Hallway

It is easy to love Scandinavian style for its natural and cozy touch, yet it is not difficult to copy (not because IKEA can be found almost everywhere). 
If you look around for Scandinavian inspiration, you will find that there are slight differencies in Scandinavian style; Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish interiors have their own characteristics, but of course they have certain elements in common. I tried to capture these elements in one moodboard, presenting you a universal Scandinavian styled entry that could fit into any Nordic home. Let's see those elements here. 
Interior Moodboard
The use of white is common in interiors, both on walls and floor, as it helps to expand the sense of space. Winter nights are endlessly long and dark, this is a way to preserve light, too. Wood is usually brought in, and somehow light coloured types, like oak, are the popular ones. For a bit of contrast, you can always use a bit of black, or alternatively you could try grey. (There are fifty shades of it, at least ;) )
I love the simplicity of the interiors above. In the photo on the right, the decorative staircase dominates the hallway, while the eye-cathcing photo art has a huge impact in the other. The picture of the trunk also brings nature in, and Nordic people love a natural touch - exposed wood, felt, wool and fur can be seen in their homes. There is no need for eye candy, honest materials and simple lines speak for themselves. 
Unusal forms might give the hallway a personal edge - do not be afraid of trying something new. How do you like the floor lamp? It certainly has a personality - look how strutted it is! Or check out the hopscotch rug, perfectly sized for hallways: it is cheeky and fun - and not just for adults. At first sight, the pendant is also a classic - but it has a handle. Have you spotted the hallstand in the photo on the left? It looks like as if it was inspired by the mikado game. 
You see? There is no reason to neglect the entry - after all, it gives you the first impression of your home!

After this cool Nordic breeze my next moodboard on Friday will direct you somewhere else - I hope you love pasta ;)

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