Friday, June 10, 2016

Block the Color! - The Color Block Rug Guide

Colour blocking, that first popped up in fashion, has been a trend for some time and finally made it to our homes. Some people associate the origin of this style with artist Piet Mondrian, famous for his geometric paintings using bold bright colours. 
And now we got straight to the point - colours. The tones used in this sytle are mostly opposites on the colour wheel, making interesting combinations. I think you have seen a fashion outfit in this manner. But how do you translate it to the language of interior design? 
Unless you want your home look like as if a unicorn inhabited it, be aware of your colour choice. The secret of stylish color-blocking is using only 2-3 hues paired with neutrals. Add more neutrals than you would add to a fashion attire. 
In interior design you can use this style in three ways: 
1) - on the wall. Considering how easy it is to make a bad choice in case of one single colour, let's not get into this one. 
2) - on furniture. It might look very well on big, geomteric shaped surfaces, but I have not seen many good examples. It is more difficult than in case of wall colour, proportions are of vital importance, therefore you need professional consulting. 
3) - on the floor, as a rug. This is the safest choice, as the designer of the rug has already made it for you. Just pick the combo that suits you the best. If you are unsure about contrasts, get one where the colours complement each other. 
Let's see some nices ones here.  
Make sure you do not place heavy-looking furniture covering them - the rug might loose its character. Accessorize the room in a way to keep the color scheme.
These rugs look fantastic in minimalistic home settings, however, if you want to modernize mid-century interiors, go ahead. This rug will suit both. 

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