Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Let's be honest, I am not a great cook. I am simply not natural. But I like to eat, dine out and be spoiled rotten by fantastic meals made by my friends who can actually cook.
However, it does not mean that I do not know what makes a well-organised kitchen. The layout is very important, and I am always amazed how easily it is overlooked by some people. The layout is everything. It determines how fluently you can work. I could easily fill a couple of posts alone with this topic, but not now. Today's post is about styling. 
This is the first kitchen moodboard I made.
Mood Board

The inspiration for this mood board comes from the well-known restaurant-chain, the Vapiano. Imagine a clean-cut spacious kitchen, with light brown wood (lots of wood), metal machines, herbs in pots, some red accessories, and you get the picture. Probably due to the use of red it has some Italian vibe. 
How do you like the trolley? Do you use it in the kitchen? I think it gives a professional touch to any kitchen.

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