Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Colour Combination: Turquoise and Silver

This moodboard is the first of a series where I will show possible colour combinations for your home. I always say that if you want a balanced and stylish interior, but you are unsure about the outcome, pick just 2-3 colour you love, and use them with neutrals. Coordinating more than three colours really does require more skill.

Today's colours are turquoise and silver - together they create a calming, elegant and cool mood, perfect for summer. As you see I used them on big surfaces - silver on the sofa's fabric and turquoise blue on the rug. I chose glitzy blue wallpaper, to unite the shine of the sofa and the colour of the rug. Do not cover all the walls with coloured wallpaper, just a smaller section or one wall. 

Other materials used are smooth and shiny glass and acrylic, sparkling chrystal and some wood. For the floor I chose a greyish tone, completely neutral and calming. If you like this colour combination, yet you find it too cold for your taste, try adding warm wood. Just by picking walnut floor you can warm up the entire room. However, in this moodboard I went for a cool look, so I only added some wooden accessories in light oak.
interior moodboard
The black floor candle holder is my favourite, it has a sculptural look, and its diverse height harmonizes with the pendant. The Ghost chair would look magnificent with an oak dining table, but you could also pick a table in glass and metal. The vases have lively, deep blue tones and call for attention. The cushions unify the lead colours.

How do you like this combination? Do you prefer it without wood, or on the contrary, would you warm it up?

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