Sunday, June 26, 2016

Concept Board - Italian Trattoria

I already mentioned how much I love dining out. I enjoy having a delcious meal in nice setting in good company, perfect way of combining food, friends and interiors. In my last post I promised to take you somewhere else, far from Scandinavia. I also mentioned pasta, so here we are, in a nice little trattoria straight from Italy. 
Interior Moodboard
It does not matter if it is a casual or an elegant establishment, Italian restaurants seem to incorporate colour red and rustic dark wood into the interior. Here I did the same, but I chose a laid-back appcroach. The key style elements are mix-match furniture and dinnerware, flatware made of dark wood and steel, colourful tiles and fumed oak floor. My goal was to create an Italian country mood, that could be your inspiration for a new restaurant, but it is also easy to recreate this mood in your home.
I hope you have a lovely Sunday afternoon. Next week I will be back with a post about another colour combination, and as it is summer, you can expect a summer themed post as well.

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