Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wedding Planning Part 1.

As I mentioned earlier, a very good friend of mine is currently organizing her wedding. The party itself will be held in an old boathouse - white floors, dark wooden walls and beams. Moreover, the boathouse is located on the Danube bank. Perfect place for a rustic glamour wedding! 
After the reception in the city the whole party is going to drive over to the boathouse. By that time it will be quite dark, and because the venue itself is dominated by dark wood, I figured that the main decoration could be the light itself - tealight holders, fairy lights, lanterns, candles. 
It is fairly cheap if you rent light strings and the effect is great. We could wrap them around beams, coloumns, or hang them above the room, creating the illusion of starry night sky. In fact, anything can be wrapped in lights: pumpkins, boats, anchors, ladders, anything that has a bit interesting shape.
Wall marquee letter lights could be also used, though I think we will skip that one, so far I have not seen tasteful rentable ones in my country. It is a pity, as they are very decorative, just look at the 'Let's Dance' inscription below. 
So yes, wedding fever is definitely on. I will continue this topic on Friday!

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