Friday, September 9, 2016

Wedding Invitation!

Yess, I got a wedding invitation yesterday. One of my best friends is getting married! I have no idea what present I will buy, but I will surely come up with something. It is a moment when I regret that in my country the wedding registry service is not really available. At least I have not heard about it from anyone I know. 
A wedding is a perfect occassion to buy monogrammed things, let it be mugs, bath towels or robes, etc. A monogram gives the sense of ownership over something, it is a great idea to personalize practically anything. As there are so many decorative fonts, monogrammes and inscriptions or quotes can breathe new life into any plain surface. 
Altough in my friend's case the proposal happened in another way (they went to play badminton), I had quite an idea for a proposal... The fiancé could ask his girlfirend to go shopping for household appliances, and the insider sale staff would be waiting for them with already arranged monogrammed mugs forming 'Marry Me' on the shelf...
I am a hopeless romantic, really. 

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