Sunday, September 4, 2016

Street Food Bistro

Street food is back in its full glory. At least in Budapest, where I live. The former Jewish district, where once it was not too safe to walk even in broad daylight, has been now transformed into a party quarter. It is thronged with people anytime you come here. Seeing the the new life of this part of the city is very exciting. I remember how empty it was earlier, and now, espacially in the summer, I can see the tourists with maps, looking for the lastest gastropub, English guys on their way to a bachelor party (it is always fun to see guys dressed in white lace dress, sporting a blonde wig). 
This phenomenon brought in the revival of sreet food bistros. Once hamburger meant cheap and low quality junk food - now it is a loved and sought after dish at pubs, made of high quality ingredients. 
Interior Mood Board
Commercial and restaurant design also saw a new wave of style. Most of the new pubs and clubs have a worn, mixmatched, industrial vibe now. 
This vibe has inspired me to make this moodboard. The athmosphere I envisage is clearly insdustrial, the colours are mainly black and white with a bit of sun yellow. The interior is dominated by whitewashed (or black!) brick walls or coloumns, a huge wall decorated with letters (similar you can see on the placemat), and for fun the serving tubes could be in porcelain - indicating it is not some cheap food you can eat here. Just check the one in the left upper corner - it is porcelain, even though it is imitating the paper takeaway food containers. The serving stand for fries and ketchup is also a lovely item. For warmth I would suggest yellow shaded lamps, maybe (seat) cushions in sun yellow, and I added an arrow marquee light, too, they are so fun. 
The overall look is sophisticated, but not posh, simple, but with exciting details. 

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