Friday, September 16, 2016

Minimal Chic

Minimalist interior style used to be something I could not love. There was a time - at least in my country - when minimalist interiors were so bare and streamlined that they lacked anything that makes a room inviting. They were like some Spartan spaces. 
Later on I realised that minimal is not a bare interior stripped of every decor, but an elegant, big space that is decluttered and only showcases the pieces of furniture and art that matter. So minimalism had - and sometimes still has - a bad interperatation.
Key design elements:
- furniture: the number of pieces is kept to the minimum. Buy only the essentials that are actually needed for your comfort. 
- storage: it is important, keep your things out of sight. However, the things that are visible attract the eye. 
- carefully designed lighting: it has a big role in highlighting pieces.
- colours: they are toned down, with only one or two very carefully chosen accent colours 
- materials: it can be anything: concrete, wood, stone. Let them show. The surfaces are clean, free of clutter. One rug and one or two paintings on the wall will do the trick. 

In the moodboard above I chose a grey colour scheme with black and a bit of caramel. Some of the furniture has an interesting shape, they counterbalance the very simple sofa and chair. The few decorations are simple but elegant. The rug provides warmth againts the concrete walls. 

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