Friday, April 14, 2017

Styling Greenery - 3

My last take on greenery. As I mentioned, you can bring colour into your home in three ways. The easiest - and arguably the most budget friendly - way to refresh your home is getting new accessories. (Painting your wall could be another - although more expensive - option, if you don't mind the fuss.) You can replace paintings, small tables, cushions and decorative objects any time with new ones, thus creating new atmosphere from time to time. 
Green looks lovely with pink and purple, but again I found that greenery simply needs some black to stand out, to really show its vibe. I found this beautiful rug with worn effect, and immediately employed it because the white pattern makes it so much lighter and more playful. Should it be plain without pattern, I would have considered too much in this colour. 
The overall effect is light, eclectic, slightly bohemian and utterly cheerful. 

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