Friday, November 25, 2016

Why Autumn is Good

Winter is coming. (If you are a GoT-fan, now you are smiling. If you do not even what GoT is for, then Google it. And start watching.) November is that month before Christmas that used to be cold, grey and boring. Now these days when Christmas season begins at the end of October (it should not, if you ask me), November is just another Christmas month. (Even writing it down seems so ridicoulous and wrong.) Why can not we enjoy November for what it is? The last month of Autumn, with cold rain and humidity, against which we can stay in, watch GoT, eat chocolate while watching GoT, make hot chocolate and cookie baking evening with your friends, all the while having that snug feeling that you are safe and cozy. Christmas rush is just around the corner, we need these calm moments. So let's enjoy it!

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