Friday, November 11, 2016

It's a Girl!

Now that one of my best friends is expecting a baby, it is time to think about decorating a nursery. 
What basic furniture do you need?
- crib with mattress (and think about mattress protection!)
- blinds
- night light (for everyone's sake)
- super-comfy armchair, probably recliner or a rocking chair
- side table 
- changing table with storage, and also probably shelves
- trash bin
Make sure these are easy to clean!

The children's room is the fastest changing room in the household, so it is okay not to spend too much on it. Second-hand furniture (if not broken but clean and well kept) will do. Of course you want the best for the newcomer, but spend your money wisely. In two years time you will redecorate the whole room. Sometimes all you need is some decor and a new coat of paint to give old furniture new look. 
In my friend's home the walls are taupe and the floor is dark. To make it lighter and brighter, I used light greys with beige and white tones here. With soft features it is ready to welcome a little princess.
Next week we will know if the newcomer is a girl or a boy. Can't wait. 

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