Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Reasons Why Moodboards Are Enough

As I had said in my introduction - it feels like a lifetime ago - I love moodboards: I feel it gives a little extra compared to an average 3D rendering, as it presents you materials and a different point of view of the interior project. 
Strictly speaking not everything I make here is a moodboard - some of them can be considered as an illusion of a 3D drawing or a concept board or design board - whatever nametag you wish to put on it. 
Moodboards do not necessarily give you the exact picture of the design. It shows you materials, colours and pieces of furniture, but it does not allow you to feel the space, only the mood of it. 

Let's take the example below. 

You can see some of the furniture used - sofa, armchair, shelves, a decorative poster, a lamp and a side table, with some accessories thrown into the mix. 
You can see the colours - grey, brown, pop of red - and materials - glass, metal, walnut wood, leather -and even pattern (grid pattern dominating). 
I think it gives you the idea of a modern, urban apartment with pops of colour, but you can not see the space, the placement of furniture, the walls, the floor, how all these elements of the interior interact with each other. 
It means that based on this moodboard you will not be able to furnish your apartment, it only serves as an idea board that must be tailored to your space. Moodboard is an excellent tool to help you to decide what style and colour scheme you want to use, so keep it on your mind when you are brainstorming.
Interior Mood Board

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