Sunday, March 26, 2017

Concrete Styling

This is the last winter-themed moodboard for a while, so let's send off the cold season in style! 
Conrete look is still trendy, however, some percieve it as cold and find it difficult to warm up to (ha!). This is not how it should be, though. Concrete surfaces or materials are just parts of the interior, and it is up to you how you use it. It is all about the styling. 
In the upper left corner what you see is a nordic style interior with concrete walls and a concrete look coffee table. It is a calming setting with grey tones. It is all well and cool, but what if you say that it is too much conrete? Well, I say let's change a couple of things then. Should you replace the coffee table with a black one, you already have some contrast. I would add other accessories in black (like this lamp) so that the table will not be the only item in black. I chose a soft grey shaggy rug for comfort and for texture, in sharp contrast with the bare concrete walls. To spice up things a bit I picked gold cushions, golden yellow throw and shiny chocolate brown pouf. Concrete vases bring back the look of the wall and glass provides the sparkle. 
Concrete looks the best when the pure beauty of this material is visible; but if you look it as a grey surface only, there are endless ways to style it. 

Concrete Design Interior Mood Board

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