Wednesday, May 18, 2016

An Introduction

Hi all, 

Welcome to my one and only blog, simply called 'My Interior Moodboards' - as after days of hard thinking I still could not come up with a better title. So as long as nothing else springs to my mind, this title remains. (Update: 'MOODinS' is the new name of the blog since October 2016.)
And who am I? Retro-loving interior designer from Budapest, Hungary, obsessed with architecture, coffee and dining out. My hobbies include drawing and reading, and I am interested in Scandinavian culture. My all-time favourite pop group is the Swedish ABBA, so my childhood dream came true when I met all members of the band. As I always say, I used up all my luck in life to be able to meet them, meaning I will never have the chance to win the lottery. Ever.
I work as an interior consultant now, but I hope to expand my carreer further to be an independent interior designer. Not as easy task, if you ask me, and meanwhile I need a creative outlet. I have always loved moodboards and enjoyed making them, and perhaps I should say it all naturally led to writing a blog... except it did not. It took me quite some time to put visuals into words. Everything you see here (unless stated otherwise) is my creation. If I happened to use one of your photos, please, kindly contact me to be credited. 
This one above is my first, introductionary moodboard, and obviously it is about my dream life. Some of the objects represented here I can call my own - like a sketchbook, a great collection of pencils, the registered domain (who knows when my website will be ready...), and coffee and croissants on an ongoing basis... :) even the letter sculpture 'E' (in my favourite colour) is mine. Other objects are those I only dream of, like the Series 7 chair in blue, or a studio on my own.
An interior designer works with space and objects, however, what she creates is intangible: it is a mood, a sensation, the image of home. My goal is to provide you inspiration. Watch this space...


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